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Percentage of Time

Enable features for a percentage of time.

Use Cases:

  • load testing new features behind the scenes
  • Performing random sampling of metrics that are too expensive to collect for all requests

Do not use percentage of time for slowly rolling out new features. It will return a different result on subsequent calls by the same actor, which will be an inconsistent experience for the user. Use percentage of actors instead.

Percentage of Time Example
user = User.find(...)

Flipper.enable_percentage_of_time(:dark_ship_new_feature, 25)

# returns true for ~25% of the enabled? calls irregardless of the actor provided
Flipper.enabled?(:dark_ship_new_feature, user)


Percentage of time is not a good idea for enabling new features in a UI. Most often you'll use percentage of actors, but there are definitely times when I have found percentage of time to be very useful.

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