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Flipper & Team

Since 2012, Flipper has been providing feature flags and controls for Ruby applications and their client-side code. In 2018, we added Flipper Cloud to provide a hosted web application to pair with the Flipper gem.

Flipper Cloud

Open Source

Flipper is an open source Ruby gem that provides feature flags for Ruby applications and their client-side code. The original Flipper gem had its first commit in July of 2012 and is used by thousands of companies. Flipper Cloud is a web-based interface for managing and syncing feature flags.

Most of the team worked together years ago during the 2000's where we were consultants and built a few products. In 2011, we were acquired by GitHub where we worked for many years—while it grew from 50 to thousands of employees.

While at GitHub we maintained their open source setup of Flipper (among many other things), which served billions of feature checks a day and was one of the most stable pieces of infrastructure. Suffice it to say that we've managed feature flags at scale.

But not every team can devote that much attention to the infrastructure necessary for feature flags. And seeing how Flipper changed the way GitHub released software was exciting. Why not re-build it so everyone can partake? Thus Flipper Cloud was born.

Flipper Cloud

In 2018, we created a new company, Fewer & Faster, to build Flipper Cloud, and in 2023, we went a step further and invested our own money to release 1.0 and really help Flipper Cloud get going. Since then, we've added a limited free plan to Flipper Cloud and have been persistently expanding it to add telemetry, analytics, expressions, advanced permissions, and endless other improvements.


Flipper Cloud is built with a lot of 💙 and 🐬 by a small team focused on making it faster and easier to ship new functionality for Ruby apps. We're excited about making feature flags more approachable for other small teams, and you can rest assured that if you ever need help with Flipper, you'll hear back from us personally.

  • Feature flag flipping since 2012
  • Open source with 3,500 GitHub Stars
  • Self-funded from day one
  • Support directly from the Flipper developers
Photo of John Nunemaker

John Nunemaker

South Bend, IN, US

John is the original developer of Flipper as well as a few other open source projects. He specializes on making sure sites run fast and smooth. When he's not coding, he's probably playing basketball.
Photo of Steve Smith

Steve Smith

South Bend, IN, US

Steve is the lead designer and front-end developer for Flipper Cloud, and he's been designing and building web applications for over 20 years. When he's not coding, he's probably golfing.
Photo of Brandon Keepers

Brandon Keepers

Grand Rapids, MI, US (or somewhere in the Carribean)

Brandon works extensively on both the Flipper gem and Flipper Cloud. He's been building on the web for quite some time and even contributed to open source a bit. When he's not coding, he's sailing.
Photo of Garrett Dimon

Garrett Dimon

Crested Butte, CO, US

Garrett started building on the web in 1998 and launched his own Rails-based SaaS application in 2008. Since selling the business in 2016, he's been writing and consulting on all sorts of Rails projects. When he's not coding, he's outdoors somewhere.

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