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Enable features for a set of actors that share a common trait, which is determined by a configurable block at runtime.

Turn on feature based on the return value of block. Super flexible way to turn on a feature for multiple things (users, people, accounts, etc.) as long as the thing returns true when passed to the block.

Registering a group

Use Flipper.register in an initializer to register a new group. The block passed to register will be called with the actor and a feature context when enabled? is called.

# Define the block that will return true or false based on actor.
# Registers a group named admins .
Flipper.register(:admins) do |actor, context|
  actor.respond_to?(:admin?) && actor.admin?

Since Flipper allows any object to be an actor, check that actor.respond_to?(…) before calling a method on it.

Enabling a feature for a group

A feature can be enabled for a group by calling enable_group with the name of the feature and the group.

Flipper.enable_group(:documentation, :admins)


When a feature is enabled for a group, calls to Flipper.enabled? with an actor will check if the actor is in that group.

user  = User.where(admin: false).first # user who returns false for admin? method
admin = User.where(admin: true).first # user who returns true for admin? method

# The feature is not enabled for a normal user
Flipper.enabled?(:documentation, user) # false

# The feature is enabled for an admin user.
Flipper.enabled?(:documentation, admin) # true
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