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The official docs for the Flipper gem and Flipper Cloud.

What is Flipper?

Flipper is an open source library that provides simple, beautiful and performant feature flags for Ruby that makes it easy to...

  • Safely isolate new and existing code. Turning off a feature flag is always faster than another deploy. Similarly, sometimes you just want to turn something non-critical off and go back to bed.
  • Get code into production faster. Once a feature flag is in place and protecting your code, you can ship it to production. Productivity and quality increase when you work smaller. This is great for your mental health and customers.
  • Release features your way. Enable features for individual actors, specific groups of actors, a percentage of users, or a percentage of time.
  • Get feedback faster. Whether it's from a customer or a teammate, you can get feedback on features before they are fully released and iterate more quickly.

Flipper Cloud is a platform built on Flipper that makes it easy to...

  • Reduce stress and hassle. Protect acccess to critical environments, roll back instantly and safely, and know who changed what and when.
  • Keep feature flags organized. Assign feature owners, organize features by project, environment and tag, and know when features are safe to delete.
  • Relax with solid infrastructure. Store data your way, evaluate flags local to your app, rest easy with backups, and keep multiple servers (and environments) in sync.

How does it work?

We have a beautiful web interface for managing your organizations, projects, environments and features. Additionally, we expose a simple HTTP API along with a client library that takes only a few minutes to integrate into your application. Also, it's important to note that we designed Cloud to never take your app down.

When you create a project, it comes preloaded with a production environment and a personal environment for each developer to get you up and running quickly. But we support as many other environments as necessary (e.g. Staging, QA, or whatever you can dream up).

Just show me the code! Ok, here is a quick example:

Basic Setup
# FLIPPER_CLOUD_TOKEN=<your-token-here>
require "flipper"

if Flipper.enabled?(:billing)
  # get paid
  # wish you were getting paid

For more details and best practices, read the getting started guide below or check out our Flipper Cloud rails demo app.

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