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Seamlessly Organize and Manage Feature Flags

Projects, environments, and permissions that ensure you control the feature flags rather than having them control you.

Assign feature owners

With feature owners, there's neve any question who to ask for updates or how to know if the team has plans for a given feature flag in the near future.

A screenshot of the new feature form with focus on the 'Owner' field which is a drop down list of project team member names.
Assign owners to features so everyone knows who to check with.

Know when flags are safe to delete

Flipper lets know the last time each flag was checked for each environment so temporary flags can be removed and deleted safely. Flipper lets know the last time each flag was checked for each environment so you always know when those temporary flags can be removed and deleted safely.

Screenshot of a feature flag's status summary. The heading says 'Fully Enabled in Prodution', then the last change is shown to be about one month ago, and the feature flag was last checked from production about two minutes ago.
Flipper lets you know a feature flag's current state in production, when it was last changed, and whether it has been checked in production recently so you know if it's ready to delte.

Tag related features

Temporary or permanent flag? Circuit breaker? Which area of the application does it affect? Tags help stay on top of all of your flags.

Screenshot of the edit feature form showing the tags input which displays a list of the most-used tags below it.
Temporary or permanent? What module of the application does it affect? Add tags to create a predictable organization structure for your team's flags.

Leverage unlimited projects and environments

You can never have too many projects or environments, and you never have to worry about having too many. Keeping features organized is easier than ever.

In addition to features, there's no limit on projects or environments so you can structure and organize controls the way that works best with your application's release process and architecture.

Stay current with the latest features

Managing dependencies and versions is just part of the process, but with Flipper, it's a little easier. If Flipper, Rails, or Ruby ever start to fall behind the target versions, you'll know ahead of time to help plan for any necessary updates.

Screenshot of the projects list showing a 'New Project' button and an 'Environments' menu that let's people navigate to a specific environment or add a new one.
Flipper proactively helps stay on top of version upgrades for it and its primary dependencies.

Unlimited team members

While Flipper UI provides a great interface for managing feature flags, it doesn't support multiple team members and the resulting audit history as individuals make changes. With Flipper Cloud, not only are team members connected with their activity, but each team member has their own personal environment so they can develop against the flag data they need without stepping on anybody else's toes.

Automated testing as a first-class citizen

Introducing feature flags means introducing alternative code paths, and that means testing those code paths. Flipper Cloud makes it easy to test your code with feature flags by providing a simple way to enable and disable features in tests.

require 'test_helper'

class DocumentationControllerTest < ActionDispatch::IntegrationTest
  test "returns 404 for documentation when feature disabled" do
    get documentation_path
    assert_response :not_found

  test "renders documentation when feature enabled" do
    get documentation_path
    assert_response :success
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