Don't Sweat the Release

Feature flags for gradual rollouts, maintenace, experiments, and more...

Flipper web interface showing a variety of options for several environments
Flipper currently supports Ruby on Rails applications. More language support is planned for the future.
Make the most of feature flags...

Provide Early Access

Get real feedback sooner by shipping new features to production behind a feature flag, and then enabled individually for developers and groups of users.

Roll Out Incrementally

Avoid performance surprises by slowly rolling out new features to a percentage of users, organizations, specific countries, or whatever segments you define.

Reduce Risk of Launches

When your feature has already been in production for weeks behind a feature flag, there's no need to wait for last-minute deploys. Toggle it on with a single click.

Let Users Opt-in

Minimize disruption by letting your users decide when they want to get familiar with a drastic interface redesign and let your most eager users try it early.

Control Permissions

Whether limiting access to premium features or giving teammates and contributors access to administrative features, feature flags make permissions simple.

Block Bad Actors

Flipper's feature checks are always blazing fast, so you can quickly and easily block bad actors that are abusing your app and rest assured your app is unaffected.

Perform Maintenance

Planned or not, feature flags let you limit downtime by disabling only affected features while leaving the rest of the application fully accessible.

Run Experiments

Preview how a change affects real users in production by enabling an experimental feature for a percentage of users and then measure the results.

Sunset Old Features

Sunset features the same way you roll them out. Once a feature is disabled, you can untangle and remove it from the code base without risk.

Why Flipper Cloud?

Simple install and setup

Getting started with Flipper is as easy as including a few lines of code into your app. If your app is already using open source Flipper, using Flipper Cloud is as easy as updating your adapter and deploying.

Cascading environments

We understand the difficulty in managing features through multiple environments. With Flipper Cloud, you can set a feature in a non-production environment to simply mirror the production setting.

Audit history

Flipper Cloud keeps a history of all feature changes, and who made them. Easily revert to a point in time, or check to make sure a release strategy was followed, and when it was enabled.

Advanced flexibility

Different types of features require different release strategies. Enable features for everyone, specific actors (eg. users), groups of users, a percentage of actors, or a percentage of time.

Independent availability

With multiple levels of adapters and reads that are local to your application, you'll have blazing fast feature checks that are always available and in sync, even if Flipper Cloud isn't for some reason.

Future proof

Because Flipper Cloud is simply an extra adapter around the open-source version of Flipper, even if Flipper Cloud goes down or closes, your features, code, and strategies will always be available.

See It In Action

A two minute demo from zero to flipping features.

Start Simplifying Your Release Process

And say good riddance to the stress and anxiety of new feature rollouts.


Open Source Gem
Manage unlimited features
Activate by users, groups, and time

Switch to cloud any time
Manage each environment separately
Web UI available as a Gem


Monthly Per Seat
Manage unlimited features
Activate by users, groups, and time

Switch to self-hosted any time
Manage everything in one place
Manage multiple projects
Manage team member permissions
Environment features can mirror production
Audit history for all feature changes
Feature rollback to any point in time
Personal developer environments

If you have questions or want a demo,
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