Release features the better way

Cloud-based feature management, open source reliability

Flipper currently supports Ruby on Rails applications. More language support is planned for the future.
Why Flipper Cloud?

You can trust us

While working at GitHub, we maintained the open source installation of Flipper there. The setup served billions of feature checks a day with no production impact. If we can do it for them, we can do it for you.

Simple install and setup

Getting started with Flipper is as easy as including a few lines of code into your app. If your app is already using open source Flipper, using Flipper Cloud is as easy as updating your adapter and deploying.

Independent availability

With multiple levels of adapters and reads that are local to your application, you'll have blazing fast feature checks that are always available and in sync, even if Flipper Cloud isn't for some reason.

Advanced flexibility

Different types of features require different release strategies. Enable features for specific actors (eg. users), groups in your app, percentage of actors, or percentage of time.

Cascading environments

We understand the difficulty in managing features through multiple environments. With Flipper Cloud, you can set a feature in a non-production environment to simply mirror the production setting.

Audit history

Flipper Cloud keeps a history of all feature changes, and who made them. Easily revert to a point in time, or check to make sure a release strategy was followed, and when it was enabled.


Start simple, Flipper grows with you

Open Source Gem

self hosted
Manage unlimited features
Activate by users, groups, and time
Manage each environment separately
Web UI available as a Gem

Flipper Cloud

monthly per seat
Manage unlimited features
Activate by users, groups, and time
Manage everything in one place
Manage multiple projects
Manage team member permissions
Environment features can mirror production
Audit history for all feature changes
Feature rollback to any point in time
Personal developer environments

Have any questions or want a demo? Shoot an email to