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Feature flags for Ruby apps and their client-side code. Roll out new features gradually. Provide early access to key customers. Test drive features internally.

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Flipper web interface showing a variety of options for several environments

...we deeply rely on Flipper to build PlanetScale. Every database version rollout across our infrastructure starts with Flipper flags.

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Mike Coutermarsh PlanetScale
Quickly browse and compare the state of all feature flags across your environments.

It would be impossible to ship as many times a day as we do without feature flags. And Flipper is the tool we trust to handle that for us.

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Steven Harman Dropbox/DocSend

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…or with Flipper Cloud
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Before Flipper, I wasted time coordinating release plans, long-running feature branches, and endless merge conflicts. Now I merge everything to main behind Flipper flags and can focus on shipping new features.

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Andrew Mason Podia

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